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Drive-in Racking

Technical features of Drive in Rack system

1. Ability to use in products storages and raw material.
2. Ability to load by lift truck in all aisle and laying out several pallets without touching each other.
3. The most use of storage space.
4. Increasing useful space of storage 
5. Ability to design for dimensions and different capacities.
6. Considering Lifo or Fifo systems in designing based on customer's need.
7. No need to allocate aisle for lift truck circulation
8. This shelving is composed of bolt and nut frames also support arm arms by clip connection and special rail for loading.
9. The frames are composed of upright connection, horizontal and bracing Diagonal bracings and base plate on the floor in which will be jointly in middle frames and different width in production.
10. Support arm are pressing type and rails are bending type with different thickness.
11. In this shelving there is an opportunity to use guard upright and rails guard in railways in order to protect from possible dangers based on customers' need.
12. System entrance is determined according to pallet dimensions and type of lift truck.
13. Weight bearing of frames, support arm and rails is calculated and produced by customers' needs.
14. All sections are produced by roll form and all connections are bolt and nut.
15. The first pallet is set on the ground.
16. In order to prevent from any vibrations and lateral force, system is restrained by brace and connector above and back of entrances.
17. It's possible to install guide rail by customer's request.
18. Standard Drive-in pallets are used in order to increase the speed of laying out, more safety factor and useful use.
19. The color of all frame pieces and rails is gray, support arm and connectors are alkyd amid orange and by customers request also the weather conditions can be delivered by powder color coverage or hot dip galvanized. 

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