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Panel Racking

Technical specifications of Panel Rock System 

1. It can be used in storage supplies, spare pieces, tools and production central storage
2. It is designed for large loads with medium weight and heavy also the ability to load manually or with special forklift.
3. This type of shelving with bolt and nut frames Beam is made with clip connection and especial floor finish for covering floors and all spans, their depth and heights can be changed so can be implemented as single or double rows in several floors.
4. Shelving frames are composed of upright connection, horizontal and bracing Diagonal bracings also floor base plate which are produced in different width and length. The middle framed are usually common.
5. The beam are produced with roll forming sections and their connector have 4 or 5 nails in which are connected with CO2 welding and are designed and implemented for different Capacity. These beam are designed in a way that is possible to adjust floors vertical spaces.
6. The covering of these shelves is a special floor finish called shelf panel which are devised on the arms (without bolt and nut) according to the frames width.
7. Calculations max.load capacity of beams and shelf panel is defined by spread and extended (KG/M2) and according to the customers need for every floor.
8. the upright of this kind of shelving is produced by Roll-form, the type of upright and its thickness is defined based on a device loading and the floor space, the incoming loading on entry and the space from first floor to the ground.
9. in this shelving in order to have an easy access to different floors, a lift, prefabricated stairs and making entry through shelves are used in which are produced from components production shelving and special stairs panel will be used for covering the entries' floor and stairs.
10. Calculations for entry framing panel and determining the type of girder are based on loading of every shelf and max load. The entry load is calculated based on the load on the surface (KG/M2). This kind of loading can be changed according to the customer need.
11. The color of all frames and shelf panel is gray, the beam and connectors are orange. By request of customers, according to the climate, the work will be delivered with powder coverage or warm galvanized.
12. In this system a place for putting cards on the beam for coding, an entry guide and etc. are applicable by the request of customers

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