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Slotten Angle Rack


Slotted Angle shelving

1. Can be used in storage supplies, spare pieces and technical storages.
2. Loading is manually.
3. This type of shelving is composed of corners, shelf sheet which are connected by bolt and nut and are applicable in a single row or double row.
4. The performed calculations on the sheet of shelf are based on even loads and shelves are produced in standard sizes.
5. The type of corner is determined according to the height of the whole system and number of floors.
6. This shelving has parts such as: the back and next support sheet, front edge, card holder, division, guide plate and etc. which is provided by the customer request.
7. In this shelving in order to have an easy access to different floors, bolt and nut stairs and passageways in the middle of shelves are used in which all of them are produced from production reticular shelving and for coverage of passageways floor and stairs, special stairs panel will be used. 
8. Framing calculations of passageways and determining the type of frames based on loading every shelf is performed plus passageway load and passageway loading is calculated based on the load on 3KG/M level and basically the weight of every person with the load is the basis of this calculation. This is changeable according to customer's need.
9. The color of all pieces is alkyd amid gray, by customers request also based on the weather conditions can be delivered by powder color coverage or hot dip galvanized. 

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