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Cantilever Racking


Technical feature of cantilever 

1. This type of shelving is designed and produced to keep cluster goods.
2. The level of weight bearing of every floor in shelving is determined by the customer need.
3. This shelf has a main stand on the floor which is connected by base plate and roll bolt to the ground.
4. This type of shelving is produced one sided for the walls and two sided for the middle of hall.
5. Cantilever height is used and determined according to the place height and the maximum lifting of lift trucks.
6. Cantilever shelving is produced and installed according to the cluster loading mainly in blocks with 6 meter long.
7. This type of shelving can be designed and produced for loading manually or mechanically (lift truck).
8. The color of all frame pieces is gray, beam, connector's alkyd amid orange and by customers request also the weather conditions can be delivered by powder color coverage or hot dip galvanized. 

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