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Pallets , Box pallet , Pallet barrel

Pallet, box pallet, Drum (barrel) pallet

1. It is one of the equipment to transfer and keep the goods in shelving which is produced in different dimensions and weight bearing based on the customer's needs.
2. Metal pallets are produced in two types that is two way and four sided.
3. Metal pallets are produced one way or two way.
4. Welding of all sections is CO2.
5. The color of all pallets is gray or alkyd amid orange and by the request of customers and according to the weather conditions can be delivered with powder color coverage or hot dip galvanized.

Pallet box especially for carrying loads

1. Pallet boxes are produced and designed in different dimensions and with ability to bear different loads by the customer's request.
2. Pallet boxes are produced with and without door.
3. The boxes layout is 4 on each other which is designed to optimize the height.
4. Around the boxes is produced with mesh and profile like bars by the customer's request.
5. Every box has 4 special base for easy replacement on each other.
6. Welding every section is CO2
7. The built pieces are colored after washing and degreasing.
8. Pallet boxes can be designed and produced like folding in the case of not using, takes less space for storage area.

Drum (Barrel) pallet

1. This pallet is made of plumb and in order to load, two 220 liter barrels are used lying down.
2. The ability to set 4 pallets on each other to use the height optimally.
3. Welding in every section is CO2.
4. The color of pallets are alkyd amid and in the case of customers request based on the weather condition can be delivered with powder color coverage or hot dip galvanized.

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