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Pallet Racking


Technical specifications of Pallet Rack system

1. It can be used in product storages, raw materials, half made materials.
2. Loading and discharge system, by order
3. The design of aisle dimensions is done according to the type of lift truck and its dimensional features.
4. It can be organized in a single pallet, 2 pallet or 3 pallet next to each other.
5. Appropriate use of spaces with regard to the storage level.
6. Pallet Rock shelving is composed of bolt and nut frames and beam with ability of connecting to the uprights.
7. Frames of this kind of shelving composed of roll formed uprights, horizontal bracing and diagond bracings and the floor base plate are produced with different width and length, and the middle frames in every row are used common.
8. The beams are produced from roll formed sections and their connector has 4 or 5 nails which connect to the beam with CO2 welding and are implemented and designed for different loading and spans. These beams are designed in a way that adjusting vertical spaces of floors is possible.
9. Weight bearing calculations are defined based on an even and extensive load and the numbers of loading pallets in each floor, the type of upright is determined based on the total max.load of each floor, floors distance to each other and the distance of the first floor to the ground.
10.  Shelving design and layout will be done according to the dimensions and max.load weight each pallet, the type of lift truck, in a single or double row.
11. In order to increase safety factor and keeping pallet from falling since because they are not standard or the lift truck driver is amateur, we can use support pallet.
 12. The color of all pieces is gray, beam and connectors are liquid amid alkyd orange, by the request of customers and according to the climate conditions they can be delivered with powder color coverage or hotclip galvanized. 
13.  According to the machineries that are used in storage, we can use VNA truck with too high shelf appropriate with them so the useful spaces increased 3 or 4 times, this type of shelving is called very Narrow aisle pallet rack. 
14. In this system it's possible to use  protecting guard and guide rails on the floor for making machinery movements even and preventing possible damages in which is applicable by the customer's request.

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