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Color line

In order to paint this company products. 185 meter conveyor line has been installed. In the following there are details about the pieces:
1. Conveyor system
This system moves by a power back to transfer pieces and pass them through different stages of coloring, its speed is about 1 meter in a minute.

2-washing line
Washing the pieces is automatic and spray on them which is performed in special cabins also the related chemical are produced in tanks that have controlled heat.
This line consists of the following steps:
A-degreasing: alkaline detergents spray on the pieces with pressure. The tanks has thermal heater with gas burner. It takes 2 minutes.
B-warm washing: after degreasing, warm rinsing takes 1 minute. In this step the remaining pollutants will be removed.
C-cold washing: this takes 1 minute to neutralize the pieces.
D-merilising: this step is to prepare the pieces for later operations in order to protect them from rusting.
E-cold rinsing: in this step in order to remove the effects of merilising, the pieces will be rinsed for 1 minute.

Drying take place in 135-150 degree to dry the merilized pieces. Entrance and exit air curtains make this part special. These curtains by spraying cold weather and its circulation, stop the warm weather to exit. every door that lets the inner heat exit cause the heat destroy since it takes a bigger level while air curtains just opens the part that needs to be opened and that makes the heat to enter the place. When any pieces of dryer doesn’t exit, the way for passing pieces is quite blocked. The dryer temperature can be adjuster and controlled by an electronic thermostat that is installed on control board.
4-spray booth
Every one of these booths cover one level. Important pieces of this booth is spraying the liquid in water that absorb color powder by water curtain and transfer to booth receiving basin that includes coagulant chemicals. The remaining color pollens floating in the air will be sucked by a sucking device. This system mainly has the least environment and respiratory wastage.
Spray part includes electro static and electro static powder spraying color systems. Liquid spray painting that performs by six Blinks spray gun devices and installed Greco pumps cause colors inside tanks homogenized, they also have the ability to adjust compressed air.
Electrostatic powder spraying booth is a partially closed container to spray and inseminate, the inseminated powder particles are sprayed by 50000-100000 volt electricity current by 8 Gema electrostatic gun devices to the piece and composed of a regular arrangement based on Faradi magnetic fields. The whole color line is attached to the ground and 10000 ohm strength was provided to deploy electrostatic load. Loads current transfer on the color powder which includes epoxy and poly ester resins, cause absorption among transferred protons to the metal surface and involvement with electrons carrying electrostatic current.
The remaining electrons are transferred to the ground to make balance and prevent from powder fall. Powder particles after spraying divide to three main parts:
The first part: the particles which are set regularly on a piece.
The second part: those which float in the cabin space like dust and absorb by two sucking devices and filters will be cleaned automatically. The fall out color after passing through shaky filters lead to the powder collecting container to reuse.
The third part: it’s a percent of color powder that remain on the cabin floor, this part will lead to the shaky filters made of silk or anti-static polymers and will be collected in related tanks to reuse after filtration. Electrostatic spraying part is supplied by four gun and Wagner electrostatic spraying system, this system include gun parts, generator, color tank, connectors.
5-drying oven
Drying oven with 26-30 has the ability of a regular cooking based on cooking curve of having liquid and powder colors. This oven has the ability to dry and resin polymerization of synthetic colors.
The oven heat is provided by thermal heater device (includes torch and ground ventilator), controlling and oven heat adjustment are adjusted by two electronic thermostat devices. In order to prevent from the oven air to exit, two air curtain devices are used.
6-control circuit
A control circuit includes a control panel with the following features:
Exact control of input voltage, dryer and oven heat, stop timers, drying stove ventilators, controlling the whole color lines and a Display board which show all active units by LED lamp. Every unit error declares by yellow lamp and emergency alarm to prevent from destroying systems or production process wastage.