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Amin Industrial Co., with more than 30 years experience in consulting, designing, producing and operating shelving and storage equipment, using modern technology, advanced machinery and relying on the experience of experienced technicians, is proud to present a new design in a consistent quality storehouse. Above all, it has been involved in various sectors of the country's industry and export abroad.
 The company's factory is located at km 35 of Khavaran Road, Abbas Abad Industrial Town and in an area of ​​10,000 square meters.

message from head manger :

By relying on Allah Almighty, Amin Space Co., with its slogan, has a new design, conservative storage, and superiority in the field of the production of warehouse systems, and since the development of products in recent years has grown significantly due to technological advances in communications and information, Therefore, at Amin Spaceflight Company, we believe that all companies in today's world need to develop new management technologies, upgrade operational and information systems, develop human resources and, most importantly, deploy efficient systems to improve their quality. B

From the viewpoint of Amin Company in today's mechanized world, a customer-oriented, timely implementation of obligations, advisory and after-sales service, is the foundation of a production package, which, based on these principles, has managed to execute thousands of projects in government agencies and Finish private.

Mohammad Sayed Karimi